Standup Show This Friday...

STARBUCKS PRESENTS: Aziz Ansari/Howard Kremer
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre-LA
Friday, April 28th at 11 pm, $8

This Friday Aziz Ansari and Howard Kremer planned on going to a special screening of the Starbucks produced feature film "Akeelah and the Bee." However, due to a glitch on Fandango.com, their tickets were lost and their plans subsequently ruined.

Starbucks Entertainment/UCB Theatre was kind enough to allow them to present this special evening of standup comedy instead.

"The best family film ever!" - Greta Van Sustren, Fox News Channel

"Two thumbs way up!" - Ebert and Roeper

Note: The above quotes are in reference to the Starbucks produced motion picture "Akeelah and the Bee," and not the standup comedy of Aziz Ansari and Howard Kremer.

Make Reservations Here
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Check out the MP3 of this new Baltimore Bass Connection mixtape called "Superglue" by Chipset and Chris Rockswell. It has that awesome Spank Rock "Shake it Til' My Dick Turns Racist" song (the real title is "Race Riot on the Dancefloor") and other cool shit too. Chipset is an old roommate of mine from NYU and is about to pop off.

Check out the MP3 via BlentWell here.

Also - hit up BHennies MySpace to hear it over MySpace if you don't want to download the MP3. I must admit, listening to stuff over MySpace is pretty convenient.
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Even More Stunning Insights into "Trapped in the Closet" at UCB-LA...

Photo credit - some jackass named Jason Woliner

This weekend, Paul Scheer and I hosted an LA edition of "Trapped in the Closet," and for this show, we had a record number of actual "Trapped" cast members on our panel. Joining us were Rebecca Field (Bridget), Drevon Cooks ("Big Man"), and LeShay Tomlinson (Cathy). Here are some ridiculous revelations from the cast:

- Drevon's audition for the role of "Big Man" consisted of him "jumping out of a cabinet"

- Rebecca said that in her audition, she was required to sing the dialogue outloud - as if it were opera - because Kells wanted to make sure their vocal cords were moving. Otherwise, in the film, the lack of vocal cord movement would be a huge leak in an otherwise airtight ship of logic.

- LeShay aka Cathy is engaged (in real life) to her "Trapped" co-star Rolando Boyce (who plays her husband, Rufus, in "Trapped")! As Scheer so eloquently put it - on film, "Trapped in the Closet" pulls peoples' relationships apart, but in real life, its bringing them together.

Here was the rest of the panel (from left to right, back row first...):

Photo credit - some jackass named Jason Woliner

Andy Milonakis as James Tony, Craft Services Coordinator on "Trapped"

Scott Aukerman as Lou Whittington, former Mr. Universe and technical advisor for "Trapped"

Stephanie Mnookin as Mrs. Linda, an elementary school teacher from Wisconsin that recently screened "Trapped" as part of her cultural diversity day

Andy Richter as Tony James (A reformed homosexual and host of the PAX Network's "Straighten Up," where he goes around cleaning homes)

Ian Roberts as the "Trapped" first timer

Rebecca Field (Bridget)

Drevon Cooks ("Big Man")

LeShay Tomlinson (Cathy)

Amy Poehler as Rosy the Nosy Neighbor (not pictured)
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Human Giant Out in LA...

Photo of the Day

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Trapped in the Closet at UCB-LA

This Saturday at 10 pm at UCB-LA, Paul Scheer and I will be hosting the "Trapped in the Closet" show again. We're real excited, because we now have three actual "Trapped" cast members joining the panel. In addition, we have some great special guest panelists.

Click here for tickets
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Some MP3s: NEW Sonic Youth and NEW Wolf Parade!

When I'm out in LA, I say 60% of my time awake is spent driving around listening to music. Woliner and I have a pretty sweet lil' Nissan this time around and have been bopping around to some good tunes already. Most notable thus far is the new Sonic Youth record, Rather Ripped.

Obscure Sound has MP3s of the super catchy "Reena" and "Incinerate."

I Guess I'm Floating has some new live Wolf Parade tracks. "Bones" is my favorite of the two, but he likes the other song better. Either way, its good stuff. Enjoy.

Also, Tapes 'n Tapes are coming to Bowery on June 6th! Hopefully I'll be in NYC to catch it. TicketWeb it up and hope you don't get Webster'd.

Finally, I know I'm a few weeks late with this, but that Destroyer Rubies album is as good as everyone says it is. I've been listening to it quite a bit lately. Check out Painter in Your Pocket and European Oils.
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Tuesday Shows in LA CANCELLED

Shit, I'm sorry. My travel plans changed again and unfortunately, I'm not gonna be able to make to CDR or the Whitest Kids show on Tuesday. I apologize, I just found out today. I will be in LA on Wednesday for sure and all the shows scheduled after that will happen as planned.
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Trapped in the Closet - UCB-NY (4/15)

Here are a few photos taken by Fred Benenson at Trapped on Saturday (full set here).

We're doing the show in LA this Saturday at 10 pm at UCB-LA with Paul Scheer and I hosting. We have some very special guests on the panel this time, I'm real excited. Click here for tickets for that show.

From left to right, the panel was...

Sean Hart as MC Freshy Fresh...

Nick Kroll as Fabrice Fabrice (Craft Services Coordinator from Trapped)...

David Cross as "The Closet" (Green Door)...

Rebecca Drysdale as a Lesbian...

Todd Barry as himself

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Shows in LA Next Week...

I'm gonna be back in LA for the second half of April and am doing a few shows. Here's the list of the ones I know about for now, I may add other ones later...

UPDATE: Due to changes in travel, we had to cancel Manatee Fingerbang. We're doing another show together on Tuesday at the Steve Allen Theatre (more polished, older stuff). I'll post the details when I get them...

Manatee Fingerbang
Monday, April 17th at 11 pm, $3
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre-LA

This Monday at 11 pm I'm doing a show with the Whitest Kids U' Know, who are good friends of mine and took home the award for Best Sketch at HBO's US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. We're doing a one off show called "Manatee Fingerbang," where we are just gonna work on some new stuff. Should be fun.

Comedy Death Ray
Tuesday, April 18th at 8:30 pm, $5
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre-LA
Click Here to Make Reservations.

I'm also gonna do a set at the Comedy Death Ray on Tuesday, April 18th. This show always has great lineups and is always fun.

Trapped in the Closet
Saturday, April 22nd at 10 pm, $8
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre-LA
Click Here to Make Reservations..

Also, Paul Scheer and I are hosting another special screening of R. Kelly's hip-hopera masterpiece - "Trapped in the Closet" - on April 22nd.
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Trapped in the Closet

The show on Saturday is almost sold out! I forgot to mention it at Crash Test last night. Luckily I don't have to go to LA until Sunday, so I won't miss it. The lineup is Todd Barry, Nick Kroll, Rebecca Drysdale, Sean Hart, and a special surprise guest. (Oooooohhh!!! Mysterious!!!)

Make Reservations Here
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LA Times Piece I Wrote About "24"

I wrote a small piece for the LA Times about "24." They have an annoying registration thing, so I'm just gonna paste it here:

7 Ways to Use the Lessons of '24' at Work.

Comedian Aziz Ansari on how to get ahead following the rules of CTU.

By Deborah Netburn, Times Staff Writer
April 11 2006

1. If your boss catches you shooting heroin in your office, just say its part of your cover. If he says, "What cover?" Yell "Federal Agent!" and tackle the crap out of him.

2. If you are sleeping with a beautiful European woman, be careful - she is probably a terrorist/assassin that is using you to get information to kill her next target. Continue sleeping with her, you may be able to uncover valuable information that could stop the assassination from happening!

3. Sometimes you have to kidnap your co-workers kids to get stuff done -

Lazy Co-worker: "Look Aziz, I can't get the report done by Tuesday."

Me: "Oh really? Well my men* are holding your children."

Lazy Co-Worker: "OKAY! I'll have it on your desk first thing!!"

*This reminds me, you should probably hire "some men," they are quite a useful asset. You can find great ones on Craigslist for an affordable rate.

4. If you get arrested, no matter how large or small the crime, just pretend like you have some valuable information and agree to give it up only under the condition you are given full immunity signed by the President. Don't worry they'll get him on the phone.

5. Don't be afraid to go rogue - if you think your bosses orders don't make any sense, ignore them and obey your own. In the end, your actions will be proven correct and you'll be praised for having the balls to break protocol. And not only that, at some point you'll get to steal a co-workers car!

6. If your bosses orders REALLY seem ridiculous, then chances are he's working for the enemy and your workplace has been compromised. This is when you want to inform everyone in the office that you are carrying a loaded gun. You may also want to bring "your men" into the situation at this point.

7. Is there a secure room in your office that you want to access, but can't? Find someone who does have access and cut off their thumb. (Note: Only use this tactic when the room in question is locked by a thumb scan. Actually do it anyway, its good to practice.)

Aziz Ansari is a comedian based in New York City. He recently won the Jury Award for Best Standup at HBO's US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. (azizisbored.com)
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Crash Test Update

So, it looks like I have to go to LA again on Sunday and won't be back for any of the Crash Test shows in April. I'm bummed to miss the shows, but what we're working on in LA should be very exciting. (It's a Human Giant thing aka me, Huebel, Scheer, and Woliner.) I'll probably make some sort of announcement about what it is soon...

The show will still go on in my absence for the month of April. Next week, Eugene Mirman and Ted Alexandro will perform and I'm handing the hosting reins to Nick Kroll. I'll do something similar for the 24th. Make reservations here.

Last night was one of my favorite Crash Test shows. My surprise co-host was Paul Scheer and we were the editors of a new teen magazine called "YB" - "Young Bitch Magazine." We felt the need to start the magazine, because all those other teen mags were garbage and weren't telling teen girls the truth. Such as - did you know that 75% of teenage girls between the age of 14-18 are currently incarcerated? Of course you didn't, that's why you need YB. Check out some of the kickass articles in our new issue:

Scheer and Woliner were real proud of my Photoshop work, who knew I could design layouts for a girly teen magazine?!

Also, can't say enough great things about our guests - Patton Oswalt, Nick Kroll (as Nico Payamas), and Tom McCaffrey - were all great. Thanks to them again.

The show may return in May, not 100% sure yet, depends on what goes down with this new Human Giant project. Check back for updates.
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DJ Setlist from Last Night...

I dropped by and did a quick DJ (aka 'glorified jukebox session') set for the Voxtrot afterparty. At one point, I was kind of bored so I threw on the theme song to "That's So Raven" which I had from doing bits with Nick Kroll's Fabrice Fabrice character. I expected someone to come up to me or at least get some strange looks, but received neither. Here's the full list of tracks I threw on:

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Interesting Results
Spank Rock - Unknown (Shake It Til' My Dick Turns Racist)
Love Is All - Busy Doing Nothing
Pugh Rogefeldt - Love, Love, Love
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Honeybear
Sunset Rubdown - They Took a Vote and Said No
Specials A.K.A. - Gangsters
A Certain Ratio - Do The Du
Raven Symone - That's So Raven TV Theme Song
Tapes 'n Tapes - Cowbell
DJ Shadow - Minute Mix: Part III Excerpt
Mu - Chair Girl
Wolf Parade - Disco Sheets
Editors - Munich
The Clash - Hateful
Ghostface Killah - Be Easy (Feat. Trife)
A Tribe Called Quest - Pubic Enemy
Gang of Four - At Home He's a Tourist
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The Rapture Working with Danger Mouse, New Song Leaks!

The Rapture are one of my favorite bands. The shows they did last year at Crash Mansion and especially the one at Bowery were really great. The new stuff sounded pretty solid and at Crash Mansion they mentioned being excited about working with a new producer, but they couldn't say who. Well, now we know who it is - Danger Mouse. Whoa.

BV found the new song "W.A.Y.U.H." for download over here. I don't remember hearing this one live, but I could be wrong.

Also, Wolf Parade was great last night. No "Disco Sheets," but they did play "Modern World."
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New York Noise - Plug Awards Edition

Tune in to NYC-TV Channel 25 on Sunday at 10. They are reairing the PLUG Awards Episode of NY-Noise which I hosted. You can see some random bits I did at the show and even the infamous pulling Pitchfork dude/Village Voice scandalmeister Nick Sylvester off stage incident. They also will show some live performances from the show, and the other clip Jason Woliner and I did for the PLUG Awards about an ad executive that licenses indie rock music for commercials. (They couldn't show Other Music because it was too violent!! What the shit?!) We'll put the ad exec video up soon.
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Rob Huebel is Ashamed.

Visit thehumangiant.com and check out Huebel's latest post.
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The Raconteurs Leaks!!

The Brendon Benson/Jack White album has leaked! Unfortunately, I'm out of town Friday and am gonna miss their show at Irving. (But I am unexpectedly back in town for Wolf Parade on Sunday! Yaaaay!) Hopefully BV or someone will grab pics of a potential White-Benson throwdown!

Haven't had time to digest the album, but some kind folks have put up some tracks for you. Go visit Your Head's Not Right and check out "Broken Boy Soldier" and "Level," which are both pretty solid. And if you haven't heard it yet, search around for the catchy lil' single "Steady as She Goes" (video here).

On a side note, I finally got around to giving adequate listens to that Destroyer Rubies album and Jose Gonzales Veneer and both are more than worthy of their praise.

On ANOTHER side note, I took birthday boy Zachary to see the Gorillaz at the Apollo tonight. What a great show. If you want tickets just check here around 6 AM day of show and you'll be gold. I did that today and got front row, center seats (literally). The show was just so ambitious and they pull it off with style, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hats off to the whole Gorillaz crew. And Roots Manuva, I hope you're okay (dude looked to be on a serious acid trip).
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Crash Test on Monday...

Photo via BrooklynVegan

On Monday's Crash Test, I hosted with my roommates Zach and Merlin and we welcomed C-Test fav Demetri Martin (who's sadly leaving NY for a bit to go entertain Australia) and our special guest was Crash Test firsttimer David Cross! It was a real treat having David on the show and hopefully we'll have him back soon.

BrooklynVegan has more pics...

Next week, I'm pretty sure we have another special guest who hasn't done the show yet.

Also, Bill Burr called me this morning and apologized once again for forgetting to show up. He PROMISES it won't happen again and even offered to take me out to lunch.
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Patton Oswalt - No Reason to Complain on DVD

Patton Oswalt's new DVD comes out today! Unedited and full of goodies! Go buy it at Amazon for only $13.99.

Patton is the man. Seriously, one of the nicest dudes ever. Quick story of Patton sneaking me into "V for Vendetta" at SXSW.

Picture this... there's a huge line of badge holding SXSWers waiting to see "V for Vendetta." We are waiting for some Warners guy to get us into the screening, but the line is moving and he's no where to be found. Patton tells Eugene and I to just start walking in - but wait - Patton and Eugene have bagdes, but I don't!

Technically, I can't get in AND to top it off the security at this theatre is comprised solely of old women from Sealy Craftmatic Model 10 commercials. They hold me back and what happened next was as follows:

Old Lady: "Where's his badge?"

Patton: "Here's my badge."

Old Lady: "No, where's his badge?"

Patton: "Here's my badge."

Old Lady: (Confused) "Where is his badge?"

Patton: "He is my plus one."

We walk in and get in our seats...

Guess what?!



I can't wait for the Comedians of Comedy Series DVD coming out too. Just caught the rerun of the Atlantic City episode, so f'n funny. I dunno how they pulled that show off so well.

Speaking of which, catch Patton, Maria, Brian, and NY's own EUGENE MIRMAN(!) on the tour across the MidWest this April. Click below for dates:

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Human Giant
Season 2 Coming January '08...
Click here for Season 1 clips.

"Brilliant" - Rolling Stone

"The only thing missing is the punch line." - Daily Texan Online