Crash Test in April...

I'm very, very excited about the first two new Crash Test shows in April. Some people have asked me why the lineups haven't been posted. Its mainly because I've been busy travelling around and haven't 100% confirmed everything, but for now I can tell you that both shows are going to be headlined by two super special guests that have never done the 'Test before! I'm super excited to have these guests, and I'm sure everyone will be excited to see them at Crash Test. And on the 10th, my co-host will be an old friend of the 'Test that hasn't been around in months.
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Todd Barry's NEW Comedy Central Presents Debuts Tonight at 9!

C-Test fav and all around comedy superstar Todd Barry taped a new Comedy Central Presents that will be debuting tonight at 9. I guess that information came across in the title of the post, but I just couldn't leave this area blank.

BTW, how awesome was "Lost" this week?!?
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Human Giant Hosting CDR Tonight!

Rob, Paul, and I will be hosting Comedy Death Ray tonight at 8:30 at UCB-LA with Todd Barry, Nick Kroll, Neil Hamburger, Morgan Murphy, and more!

It'll also be the last LA screening of ILLUSIONATORS!!!

Click here to make reservations.
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Former Cold Stone Employees E-MAIL ME!

Are you a former employee at Cold Stone Creamery located in NYC? Please email me at aziz [at] azizisbored.com if you are, I may need your help for a project.
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Kudos to "Lost" and "24"

Seriously, how good are "Lost" and "24" right now? Its unbelievable. After ticking off a slew of "24" fans in Britain with my "24" screencap of the week (the show airs months later there), I've decided to use the "invisotext" tactic. (Don't worry, no spoilers if you've seen all the episodes). Highlight below:


First off "24" - this season is f'n insane. I love how Secret Service superstar Aaron is coming to the forefront. This guy's been a badass since Season 2, and now with his teamup with Wayne Palmer, its f'n on. The top "24" moment of the season may have been when duder popped out of the Russian's President explodified limo and blasted those terrorists, holy shit. Anyway, what's going down with Audrey? Was she really the super hot European lady's source? My gut tells me no. I feel like Audrey has proven herself to be a pretty trustworthy character, and I think this will play out to reveal her innocence. Also, whats going on with that German Jack Bauer type? He's gonna be pissed.

Quote of the week: "That's not a threat, THAT'S A FACT!!"


Were the Others on the plane?!? That's what seems to be the case after taking a look at a recent post on thetailsection.com. There is an image here that shows a character that was on the plane AND on the boat that took Walt, and its confirmed to be the same actor! This would explain all their makeup and stuff we saw a few weeks ago. They also just put up this image which claims to show my favorite other, "Zeke," in the pilot. Its kind of fuzzy, but who knows. Either way, "Lost" is getting nuts.

As far as next week, even though the preview made it seem like the balloon was in the tree, I feel like that dude in the hatch is a bad guy. He's way too smart and calculating to be some ding dong ballooner. Next week we have the promise of FIVE revelations and also - word on the street is its a Locke-centric episode, which is always good times.

Quote of the week: "You guys got any milk?"
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Snakes on a Plane Update

"Enough is enough, I've had it with this PG-13 Rating."

Aint It Cool reports that they are doing 5 days of reshoots on "Snakes on a Plane" to add MORE CRAZINESS to bump it up from a PG-13 to an R rating. What kind of R-Rated antics are these snakes up to??!?
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Demetri's New Trendspotting Piece, One Man Show

Demetri did a new Trendspotting piece for "The Daily Show" this week, you can watch it on YouTube:

He's also workshopping his new one man show "Dr. Earnest Parrot Presents... Demetri Martin" at UCB. There's still some reservations left for the show on March 27th, but I'd act fast!

Hopefully Demetri can swing by Crash Test in April before he heads off to Australia.
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SXSW Pics... Sort of...

Unfortunately, I'm still in LA and forgot to bring the cable to upload my SXSW pics onto my camera. So instead, I've decided to put up my photos and recaps from SXSW 1994. Here it is, unedited from 1994:

SXSW 1994

Wow, its 1994 and SXSW was awesome. Here's a recap of my days out in Austin:

Day One

I saw this band Seven Mary Three at the Elysium today. They rocked. Unfortunately, I saw their show right when I arrived and I had all my luggage with me in the venue! I told the lead singer about how I hated my large suitcase because carrying it around was so cumbersome. He said he found a lot of things in life cumbersome too, and that one day he'd write a song about it. I told him that sounded like an awesome idea for a song.

Day Two

Tonight I swung by Emo's Annex and caught this band Better Than Ezra. Everyone says they sound too much like a rip off of last year's big buzz band Cracker, but I don't think so. Anyway, after the show I got a phone call from my hotel saying my room had been rented out and I had no where to stay. The Ezra guys put me up in their place and when I left I told them, "It was good living with you." And the lead singer was like, "Uh huh, it was good living with you." And then he looked at me funny, as if he'd just thought of a good idea for a song, and frantically went looking for a notebook. Strange.

Day Three

HOLY SHIT! There was a SUPER SECRET show by Live at Stubb's today. Did they do "Lightning Crashes"? You bet your ass they did. These guys are the best band out right now and there's no way I'm ever going to regret getting the cover art from Throwing Copper tatooed on my back and stomach.

See ya' in '95!
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Trapped in the Closet Returns to UCB-LA
Saturday, March 25th at 10 pm
Purchase Tickets Here

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Please Stop What You Are Doing...

And go watch the trailer to the new Samuel L. Jackson film Snakes on a Plane... Holy shit.
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Quick SXSW Update...

I'm at SXSW and totally exhausted.

Some quick notes:


Comedians of Comedy at Emo's was one of the funnest shows I've ever done! Thanks to Patton and co. for having me and big ups to the awesome crowd at Emo's.


Saw Tapes'n Tapes at the Fader room, they were great.

Patton, Eugene, and I saw "V for Vendetta," a whopping TWO DAYS before its official release. (It was awesome nonetheless!)


South by Stereogum was a lot of fun. All the bands were great, especially Ted Leo, who despite the pleas of myself and the crowd did not perform his cover of "Since You've Been Gone," nor did he do an impromptu cover of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" as I suggested.

Beastie Boys 'secret' show at Stubb's was ridic. They opened with "Brass Monkey" and the hits just didn't stop. Unbelievable.

Today (Friday)

I hosted the Pitchfork showcase with Patton today, it was really fun. All the bands were great, Spank Rock and Love is All in particular brought the ruckus.

Hopefully I can catch Ghostland Observatory, Animal Collective, and another Tapes show before I leave.
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Comedians of Comedy at SXSW - TONIGHT!

I'll be at SXSW in Austin this year and tonight I'm real excited to perform at the Comedians of Comedy show at Emo's. Special guests include Brendon Walsh and one of my personal favs - FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS! Go to emosaustin.com for tickets.

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Aspen Comedy Festival

Sorry I haven't popped in in a while, I was away at HBO's Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. The festival was a blast. NYC (and UCB-NY in particular) did very well and snapped up quite a few awards. I won Best Standup (tied with Mitch Fatel), Whitest Kids took home Best Sketch, Kristen Schaal won Best Alternative, Eliza Coupe won the Breakthrough Award, and Dan Eckman of Hammerkatz took home Best College Short.

The best part of the festival for me was on Saturday night when I got to catch Dave Chappelle pop in and do an hour and twenty minutes at the Tent. It was incredible. He told stories, riffed on Aspen, and took suggestions from the crowd. It was the coolest thing I saw all week.

I'm off to SXSW tomorrow! I'll try to write some stuff and take some pictures.
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New Yeah Yeah Yeahs Leaks...

I finally grabbed the new YYYs album Show Your Bones last night. I still haven't time to digest it, but I think I like it so far. I was bummed they didn't play more Fever to Tell stuff at Maxwell's last week, but quite a few of the new songs are jumping out at me already - especially the very impressive acoustic jam closer "Turn Into."

If I had to choose now, that's probably my favorite track off the album and its also the most radical departure from Fever to Tell. But don't worry,, as "Gold Lion" and "Dudley" have shown, the trademark YYYs ruckus is still to be found, but its just in a different context.

Here's some blogs that have posted some of the other tracks I've enjoyed:

Kofi's Hat has "Phenomena"

Pardon my Freedom has "Honeybear"

Alright I'm tired, you can find others on your own...
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Human Giant
Season 2 Coming January '08...
Click here for Season 1 clips.

"Brilliant" - Rolling Stone

"The only thing missing is the punch line." - Daily Texan Online