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Though I've been stuck in the ATL airport forever, I'll soon be in sunny San Francisco for Skethfest! My solo shows are Monday and Tuesday at 8 pm at the Punchline. Tickets are only $10.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Crash Test - Hurricane Katrina Relief Benefit - SEPTEMBER 12th

On September 12th, we will have a special deluxe edition of Crash Test that will benefit Mercy Corps' relief efforts in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Every dollar raised at this show will go directly to Mercy Corps. The show will be at 9:30 and cost $10.

Make reservations here.

(I promise I'll book a f'n dynamite show for this. Please, let's do what we can folks.)

UPDATE: Confirmed appearances from Eugene Mirman, Andy Blitz, and Christian Finnegan.

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Off to Bumbershoot... See Flight of the Conchords in NYC!

Hey folks, I'm off to Bumbershoot and then Boston until next Wednesday. I'll be performing at Invite Them Up on Sept. 7th, hopefully with some wild antics to report of. I'll see if I can post stuff from Seattle, but who knows. Here's my settimes again for anyone in Seattle or with pals in Seattle:

Friday, September 2nd, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm @ Comedy Stage with Paul Gilmartin and Demetri Martin

Friday, September 2nd, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm @ Comedy Stage with Nick Swardson and Mike Birbiglia

Saturday, September 3rd, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm @ Comedy Stage with Nick Swardson and Mike Birbiglia

Sunday, September 4th, 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm @ Comedy Stage with Nick Swardson and Mike Birbiglia

Monday, September 5th, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm @ Comedy Stage with Nick Swardson and Mike Birbiglia


For those in New York, next week you'll get a rare opportunity to see one of my favorite acts around - The Flight of the Conchords. Seriously, DO NOT miss these guys. They f'n blew my mind last time they were in NYC and I can't wait to see them at Bumbershoot.

They're doing two shows in NYC on Sept. 7th and 8th at 45 Bleecker.

Get tickets here.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Taping Last Night...

If anybody can get me in touch with the ppl that were videotaping the show last night, I'd really, really appreciate it. I'd love to see some clips from the show, none us had the foresight to get someone to tape the show, which was very dumb in retrospect. If you know who had the camera, please email me. Thanks.

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Crash Test Recap... (also the 'Test Declared "Hot" by Rolling Stone, I Use Newfound Honor to Hit on Scarlett Johannson - SERIOUSLY!)

UPDATE: Hey visitors via Gawker, the details of my 'love note/napkin' left for Scarlett can be found at the bottom of the post. Enjoy. As of now, no calls from SJ.

Holy moly. One the best editions of the 'Test ever. My roommates Zach and Merlin made their stage debut and f'n rocked it. Unbelievable.

Merlin and I kicked things off detailing our infamous late, late, late night voyage to LaGuardia in our failed trip to San Fran. We then came back and unleashed the Apt. 3D "Shittiest Mix Ever" contest. Some of you may remember this from a few months ago, but basically, Zach and I had to choose the 5 worst songs we could think of for a 'shit mix' and then Merlin would declare who indeed had the shittiest mix. The loser would then have to walk around Washington Square Park blasting all 10 songs on a boombox. Here's how our final mixes turned out:


1. LFO - Summer Girls ("I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch...)
2. Crazy Town - Butterfly
3. Kidz Bop Kids - All Star
4. Sixpence None the Richer - Kiss Me (Think "She's All That" or any other teen comedy featuring Freddie Prinze, Jr.)
5. Barenaked Ladies - One Week


1. Gloria Estefan - Conga
2. Paula Cole - I Don't Wanna Wait... (we had a spotlight and apt hug during this touching jam)
3. Saliva - Click, Click, Boom!
4. The Wiggles - The Monkey Dance (holy shit, Zach brought the house down with this one, expect an MP3 soon.)
5. Theme Song from "Blossom"

Needless to say, Zach was declared the winner. I'll post Merlin's hilarious speech detailing the reasoning behind his choice later. I'll be walking through Washington Square Park when I get back from Bumbershoot and I'll show the video at the 'Test on 9/12 post Seattle/Boston trips.

After that, we came back to detail our story about how we were falsely accused of throwing chicken wings onto the deck of our 2nd Floor neighbors --- holy shit -- speaking of chicken wings - get this....

Before heading to the 'Test, Merlin and I went to Croxley Ales on Avenue B btw 2nd and 3rd for some 10 cent wings. Who do we see there but - Scarlett Johannson. I proceeded to scribble the following note on a napkin which I left with Scarlett along with a few flyers for the 'Test. I'm not making this up, here's what I wrote down:


Thought you were really cute. You should come by my comedy show tonight! It just got named Rolling Stones "Hot Comedy Show" for 2005. (Legit!) The show is tonight at 11 pm at the UCB Theatre (26th btw 8th and 9th Avenue). Hope you can make it.

- Aziz
[insert my cell number]

P.S. 10 cent wings is a pretty good deal huh?

I just dropped the napkin and flyers in front of SJ and said "Hey you guys should come to this show later if you aren't doing anything" - to which Scarlett's buddy Josh Hartnett responded - "Thanks man" in a deep 'hey I was in f'n Sin City' voice. I then booked it out of there very quickly, but not before I caught a glance of Scarlett reading my hearfelt napkin/love letter. It was awesome.

I never received a call from her, but my buddy Nick who stayed around said she and her friends were smiling and laughing about it after I left, so I guess they found it amusing. Does anyone know if Hartnett and her are indeed an item?

Oh, the Rolling Stone thing is true by the way. Thanks so much to everyone that's come out to the show. Its really one of the coolest things thats happened to me in my career. The issue should be out in October.

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Monday, August 29, 2005
The 'Test tonight!

Tonight the gentlemen from Apt. 3D aka myself, Zach from Idle, and Merlin, will be hosting the 'Test. It'll be the first time Zach and Merlin have ever taken the stage and it should be awesome. If you have any doubts about 3D, check this out:

And that's what I'd like to call the greatest shower curtain of all time. Merlin and I will explain the infamous 'LaGuardia trip' (see pics below) and Todd Barry is rolling through. Should be good times.

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